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Professor Dr. Maria Orellana has adopted the clear aligner system
since early 2000 when she got certified as an Invisalign Provider.

Can I access all the course content at once?

Based on years of educational experience Prof.Dr. Maria believes it is better to share the info by week, in order to allow you to better digest the information, take the learnings and share your questions.

Is there a money back guarantee for the Online Course?

The full course at 1950€ including two ClinCheck reviews (value 700€) will offer tremendous value to the development and profitability of your clinic. So we do not offer a money back guarantee. Just give it a try and you will not be disappointed!

How does the Q&A works for the online course?

You submit your questions through this process (xyz). We gather all questions from participants and provide an answer by the Monday noon, following the week. You will see the questions and responses from your fellow colleagues. Answers will be posted on the (xyz) platform in text or video.

How to you get access to my case in the Invisalign Doctor Site?

In the Benelux and Scandinavian countries we work directly with the Invisalign Treatment planning platform. For all other geo's: we'll assist you to set up the connection.

What is the response time for the Treatment Planning Services?

You will get a response within 48hrs of your submission, but we strive to provide it to you within 24hrs.

When does the new course content become available?

The new content will be posted every Sunday evening.

How do I start?

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